Job Search

Share with me your current employment situation and recent job history.
Describe your company? What they do, culture, standing in the industry.
Tell me about what you are looking for in a new company & position.
What are your areas of expertise? What sets you apart?
Describe for me your responsibilities in your most recent position.
Would you be open to commuting or relocation?
Who would be affected by your relocation?
What are the details of your current compensation package? Bonus, base, benefits and perks.
What do you enjoy about your work?
Why are you thinking about making a career change?
Tell me about your top 3 reasons for accepting a new position. (For example things such as money, location, career growth, hours, new skills, benefits, security, etc.)
Where are you in your search process? Resume on Boards?
Please share with me the information about where you’re are currently interviewing and any offers you might have in process.
When are you available to interview?
What is the best way for you and I to communicate with each other?
Additional notes and comments: